Condovac opened up operations in december, 1980, based on a wide experiene, recognized by its financial stability and excellent national and foreign customer service.
Due to the uneven ground, the phase one of the hotel construction was to mold the terraces where the villas will be built. This was exactly in 1975. Five years later -december, 1980- the operation started with 80 units, which is the 75% of the entire project.
The outstanding ocean view has always been one of the main attractives to start the stock selling. Several agents sold them although the project was not done yet, and then, while the stock were sold, our members came camping in the terrains to enjoy and share the construction progress.
It was necessary to hire high-qualified staff to work in a world-ranked hotel, so we had to bring people from Central Valley and Puntarenas province in order to keep a Hotel & Club profile.


In Central America, in Condovac La Costa we have characterized by being a pioneer in time-shared business. Plus, we are a professional development center in costarrican North Pacific.
Time-sharing allows to the families to purchase a vacational property which is going to be used during one week a year adaptable to the customers' necessities and dates
Our pioneer status not only helped us with the marketing strategy we developed since the beginnings but also that late in the 80's, we started with the hotel business in Playa Hermosa and the surrounding areas to the Gulf of Papagayo.
the lifetime inheritable character that our members acquire is one of the strenghts we have in comparison with the rest of organizations who offers time-shared services. It means the stock they invest in is for life.
In June, 2005, the Costarrican Tourism Institute (a.k.a ICT) awarded the 4-star socre to Condovac La Costa


For over 30 years we've kept a familiar concept at Condovac La Costa, turning us into an important option in the costarrican family's mind. It is also a national firm located in an area where the competitiveness and the exponential growth of the added value make the access to land for costarrican people every time harder.
Plus, we are active members of the RCI (Resorts Condominium International), one of the most important vacational exchange brands in all over the world and lets the member use his 'week' in any of the others 3500 residences around 86 countries in the world.
As if that were not enough, Condovac is remarkable for being the first costarrican hotel dedicated to the time shared business. This means the stock are sold to the members who are able to enjoy one week a year for a period of a hundred years
In Condovac La Costa we will continue brandishing the banner patriotic pride for Costa Rican people

Club y Hotel Condovac La Costa

We are the top beach club in the family break, recreation and entertainment market of Costa Rica.

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