Social Responsibility


The Environmental Sustainability Program was the first project that Condovac started, its main goal is to mitigate the potential impacts caused by the productive process in the flora and fauna in & around the hotel.
This project contains 13 hectareas of land and more than 900 people are involved in this, including workers, providers, contractors and even guests. It's provoked a change in the operational activities to take advantage of the connection with the environment, protecting the wildlife and, at the same time, avoid the pollution.


The Condovac for the community Volunteering Program tries to encourage to the hotel employees to participate in nearby Condovac communities improving activities.
This 140-volunteer program reaches Playa Panama, Playa Hermosa, Sardinal and Playas del Coco towns, without excluding any other neighborhood that might need a hand.
After identifying the projects, we design improving choices to help those communities and create a Hotel-club-community connection and thus reach positive goals.

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